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Correct the Dots & Connect our Communities!

The federal government is trying to understand if people in Maine have reliable internet service. 
What do you think?

MCA needs your help to correct the dots and make sure that the Federal Communications Commission has the most accurate information about broadband accessibility and quality across our state.

Your input will improve the accuracy of the map and result in federal funding for broadband being targeted to the areas of Maine that need it most. Please help us Correct the Dots and connect our communities! 

Correct the Dots campaign logo

1. Click on the map below to open the FCC website and type in your address.

2. If the information about the broadband service offerings available at your home, camp, or business needs to be corrected, click Availability Challenge, fill out the form, and click submit.

3. If there is not a point on your home, camp, or business, drop a pin on the map, click Location Challenge, fill out the form with the correct information, and click submit.

4. Encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to follow steps 1 through 3 and Correct the Dots!

FCC Map image

Additional Resources

In December 2022, MCA team members walked through the new FCC Broadband maps, identified the types of challenges, and answered frequently asked questions from the public.

 Institute for Local Self-Reliance link
 Institute for Local Self-Reliance logo

Our friends at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance have put together some useful resources, including a short series of instructional videos and a click-through guide.

Please share as widely in your community as possible and encourage people to participate in improving broadband in Maine. If you have questions, contact

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