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Maine Connectivity Resource Exchange

Welcome to the Maine Connectivity Resource Exchange!

The Maine Connectivity Resource Exchange is the Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA)'s home to resources and knowledge to support, enable, and empower municipal officials, publicly-owned infrastructure projects, subgrantees, and the public on all aspects of the broadband ecosystem in Maine. 

How to Use It

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Broadband 101

  • What is Broadband?

  • Benefits & Uses

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Region by Region View

  • Maine's broadband  landscape

  • MCA's Regional & Tribal Broadband Partners

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Publicly-Owned Infrastructure

  • Community Engagement, Communications & Marketing

  • Capital & Funding

  • Administration, Contracting, Reporting & Compliance

  • Long-Term Sustainability

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Managing MCA Grants

  • Application Process

  • Grant Execution Process

  • Compliance & Reporting

  • Validation & Verification

  • Post-Completion

  • Digital Equity

Resource Exchange Content Library

Unsure of where to start? Browse all content below, and filter content by topic area using the tabs.

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