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About the MCA

High-speed Broadband for Maine

Established in 2021, the Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA) is a quasi-governmental agency charged with achieving universal access of affordable high-speed broadband in Maine.


The MCA will work to ensure three goals: 1.) That effective, accessible connectivity be universally available in the state; 2.) that there be secure, affordable, reliable, competitive, sustainable and forward-looking infrastructure that can meet future needs; and 3.) that all residents, businesses and institutions in Maine be able to take full advantage of the economic, health, educational and other opportunities available through connectivity services.


Focusing on projects, places and people, the MCA is advancing digital equity for all Mainers

Maine Connectivity Authority is Hiring!

The MCA is rapidly scaling into a high-performing, high-impact organization and is looking for team members who are passionate about connecting everyone to the modern digital society and building the foundation for Maine’s future. Click below to learn more about open positions.

Broadband Infrastructure Director


Featured Program

The Get Ready Community Support Program has Launched!

We're very excited to announce the launch of the Get Ready Community Support Program application! This program will accelerate community broadband planning at a regional scale through tailored technical assistance and the coordination of multiple professional service providers to support participants. Applicants selected to take part in the Get Ready Program will receive one or more of the following through MCA's stable of professional services:

  • Up to $10,000 per community to fund local engagement efforts

  • High-level network design

  • Capital cost analysis with narrative

  • Technical guidance on project viability

Awards will be announced soon!
  • RFP design

  • Legal assistance

  • Digital inclusion planning

  • Project management and facilitation support

Visualizing MCA's Mission

MCA's Broadband Intelligence Platform facilitates the aggregation, visualization, and convergence of many data and map layers and helps us make data-driven decisions. Views into this data are provided in the Interactive Mapping Tool below.

Click here to view this tool on a mobile device.

Service Classification Map: Based on June 30, 2022 FCC Broadband Data Collection. Accessible maps are available upon request by emailing

Recent & Upcoming Meetings

As a quasi-governmental agency responsible for managing, investing and deploying public funds, Board of Directors meetings are open to the public in a virtual format.  Meetings are intended to serve as an opportunity to learn about MCA's strategy and activities as well as funding and partnership opportunities.  Public comment and feedback are welcome hereClick here to view recordings of previous meetings.

December 14, 2022

Board Meeting

Online Zoom Webinar

Please click below to register to attend this meeting.

December 2, 2022

MCA Board Meeting

Online Zoom Webinar

Please click below to access the agenda and video recording of this meeting. 

Featured Resources


Maine Connectivity Authority Strategic Summary:  January 2022


Maine Connectivity Authority Statute




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