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High-speed Broadband for Maine

The Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA) is committed to expanding access to reliable, high-speed and affordable internet service statewide.

MCA has three primary goals:

  1. Expand effective, accessible connectivity in every part of the state;

  2. Support the creation of secure, affordable, reliable, competitive, sustainable and forward-looking internet infrastructure that can meet future needs; and

  3. Ensure that all residents, businesses and institutions in Maine be able to take full advantage of the economic, health, educational and other opportunities available through connectivity services.

Focusing on projects, places and people, the MCA is advancing digital equity for all Mainers.

Established in 2021, MCA is a quasi-governmental agency charged with achieving universal access to affordable high-speed broadband in Maine.

Guidance Screenshot v2.png

Connect the Ready Cohort 2

During the Spring and Summer of 2023, Maine Connectivity Authority has worked to refine the Connect the Ready program. With the feedback of previous applicants, partners, and contributors around the state, we have updated the program design to streamline the application and review process while ensuring that MCA can prioritize funding for the projects and areas of greatest need.


MCA will also be working to provide potential applicants with assistance through information sessions, guidance documentation, file templates, and a how-to guide to ensure they are well-prepared for the application.

Upcoming Dates:

  • May 30: Draft Guidance Documentation released 

  • June 7: Guidance Feedback Information Session (watch the recording + download the slides)

  • June 30: Final Guidance Documentation released

  • July 14: Additional application information, templates, mapping, how-to guide released

  • August 8: Application Opens at 7:00 pm EDT

  • August 10: Applicant Information Session #1 (register here)

  • September 14: Application Closes at 11:59 pm EDT

  • November 17: Awards Announced

Visualizing MCA's Mission

The Maine Connectivity Authority’s Broadband Intelligence Platform presents important data about internet access and service in Maine. The interactive map below includes information about broadband service availability and funding awards.


For a list of service providers at a specific address, click here to access the FCC's map.

Service Classification Map: Based on June 30, 2022 FCC Broadband Data Collection. Accessible maps are available upon request by emailing

Recent & Upcoming Meetings

The Maine Connectivity Authority Board of Directors meetings are open to the public in a virtual format.  Meetings serve as an opportunity to learn about MCA's strategy and activities as well as funding and partnership opportunities.  Public comment and feedback are welcome hereClick here to view recordings of previous meetings.

July 21, 2023
MCA Board Meeting

This board meeting is canceled. All business will be discussed at the August Board Meeting (register below). Please note that MCA Board meetings will start at 10 am ET.

August 18, 2023
MCA Board Meeting

Online Zoom Webinar

Please click below to access the agenda and to watch the recording of this meeting

Featured Resources


Maine Connectivity Authority Strategic Summary:  January 2022


Maine Connectivity Authority Statute




Help us get closer together - take the Maine Speed Test here

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