About the MCA

High-speed Broadband for Maine

Established in 2021, the Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA) is a quasi-governmental agency charged with achieving universal access of affordable high-speed broadband in Maine.


The MCA will work to ensure three goals: 1.) That effective, accessible connectivity be universally available in the state; 2.) that there be secure, affordable, reliable, competitive, sustainable and forward-looking infrastructure that can meet future needs; and 3.) that all residents, businesses and institutions in Maine be able to take full advantage of the economic, health, educational and other opportunities available through connectivity services.


Focusing on projects, places and people, the MCA is advancing digital equity for all Mainers

Maine Connectivity Authority is Hiring!

The MCA is rapidly scaling into a high-performing, high-impact organization and is looking for team members who are passionate about connecting everyone to the modern digital society and building the foundation for Maine’s future.  Click the position title below to learn more or apply.

Data Analyst

Grants Manager

Middle Mile for Maine Survey

The Maine Connectivity Authority will facilitate and/or directly invest in strategic elements of shared internet infrastructure (e.g., dark fiber, data centers, points of presence, and internet exchange points). These investments will provide long term public benefit
by providing access to new internet infrastructure, increasing competition, lowering costs to ISPs and end users, and creating a more resilient internet ecosystem.


We need your feedback to help direct these efforts.


Upcoming Meetings

As a quasi-governmental agency responsible for managing, investing and deploying public funds, Board of Directors meetings are open to the public in a virtual format.  Meetings are intended to serve as opportunity to learn about MCA's strategy and activities as well as funding and partnership opportunities.  Opportunities for public comment and feedback are welcome hereClick here to view recordings of previous meetings.

12:00 - 1:30 pm —  Meeting will take place on online using Zoom webinar so that members of the public can attend

Online Zoom Meeting

May 6, 2022

Board Meeting

June 3, 2022

Board Meeting

Online Zoom Meeting

12pm - 1:30 pm — Meeting will take place on online using Zoom so that members of the public can attend. Click on button to join the meeting.


Recent News

Stephenie MacLagan Named Broadband Impact Director at Maine Connectivity Authority

May 5, 2022

ConnectMaine Broadband Grants Awarded totaling about $15 million

April 27, 2022



Maine Connectivity Authority Strategic Summary:  January 2022


Maine Connectivity Authority Statute




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