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Workforce Development 


The MCA strives to proactively understand the state’s broadband labor gap and identify ways to address it. To take full advantage of the federal funding available to Maine for broadband deployment, the MCA must analyze the state’s current broadband workforce. This includes determining the state’s current and future broadband workforce needs, exploring the education and training landscape necessary to fulfill those needs, and identifying opportunities to build a stronger pipeline of qualified workers to support broadband deployment.

MCA Contact

Kwame Yeboah
Workforce Development Manager 

(207) 200-7182

What is MCA doing?

  • Working with the Maine Community College System to develop a targeted broadband training program

  • Coordinating with the Maine Department of Labor to establish broadband apprenticeship and pre-employment incentives.

  • Engaging industry partners to identify needs and craft programs to address gaps. 

Workforce Analysis Report & Stakeholder Event

On February 10, 2023, MCA was joined by a diverse group of broadband workforce stakeholders at an engagement event at the Roux Institute. In partnership with Camoin Associates and Thomas P. Miller & Associates, we presented the much anticipated Maine Broadband Workforce Strategy.

The event featured:

  • Detailed strategies for expanding Maine’s broadband workforce development needs

  • Strategies to fill current and future gaps in the workforce pipeline

  • A lively Q&A session and networking

  • Introduction of the Broadband Workforce Advisory Committee

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