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BEAD Program Toolkit


The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program will provide Maine with $272 million to fund broadband infrastructure and digital equity for the entire state. This toolkit is to support Maine local and Tribal governments, nonprofits, internet service providers, MCA partners, and individuals in conducting outreach about this program, and its investments.

MCA Contact

For any questions about these tools or how to use them, please reach out to:

Jenna Ingram

Communications Manager  |  (207) 200-7495‬

Downloadable Content

State-Led Challenge Process Flyer

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Maine Speed Test Flyer

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Maine Speed Test Tips

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Social Media Cards

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BEAD and Digital Equity Resources

Bead Plan Screenshot
BEAD IP Screeshot

Volume 1 includes:

1.1 Existing Broadband Funding

1.2 Unserved and Underserved Locations

1.3 Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs)

1.4 State Challenge Process

Digital Equity Plan Screenshot

Volume 2 includes:

2.1 Objectives, 2.2 Local, Tribal, and Regional Broadband Planning Processes, 2.3 Local Coordination, 2.4 Deployment Subgrantee Selection, 2.5 Non-Deployment Subgrantee Selection, 2.6 Eligible Entity Implementation Activities, 2.7 Labor Standards and Protection, 2.8 Workforce Readiness, 2.9 Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs)/Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs), Labor Surplus Firms Inclusion.  2.10 Cost and Barrier Reduction

2.11 Climate Assessment, 2.12 Low-Cost Broadband Service Option, 2.13 Middle-Class Affordability Plans, 2.14 Use of 20 Percent of Funding, 2.15 Eligible Entity Regulatory Approach, 2.16 Certification of Compliance with BEAD Requirements, 

BEAD IP Screenshot
BEAD and Digital Equity Resources
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