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Maine Connectivity Authority Opportunities

Following is a current list of Request for Proposals or Request for Information documents from the Maine Connectivity Authority. Please click the link to read the details for each request.

Questions regarding this solicitation or proposal submissions should be emailed to Meghan Grabill, MCA's Geospatial Data Analyst, at

Request for Proposals: Environmental & Historic Preservation Consultant

Deadline for proposal submissions: October 13 at 5pm

Middle mile is the regional fiber optic infrastructure that enables last mile internet
connectivity to homes, businesses, and other users at the local level. It is made
up of high-capacity fiber that carries large amounts of data at high speeds over
long distances and other telecommunications infrastructure (e.g. points of
presence, community anchor institutions, etc.) that act as "off-ramps" that
connect middle mile fiber to local networks that serve last mile connections to
local homes and businesses.


The Maine Online Optical Statewide Enabling Network (MOOSE Net) is a new strategic initiative created by the Maine Connectivity Authority to address these challenges. MCA recently joined with key partners to develop a $53 million project to construct the MOOSE Net. In June, Maine received a $30 million competitive grant award from the National Telecommunications Information Administration's (NTIA) Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Program. The $1 billion program received over $7.5 billion of requests, and
Maine’s proposal was one of 32 selected from a pool of more than 260 applications.

MOOSE Net will cover 131 communities, representing over 11,000 unserved
local businesses and residents. It will reach more than 200 community anchor
institutions, including schools, hospitals, libraries, local government buildings,
and civic centers.


The Maine Connectivity Authority (“MCA”) is seeking proposals from firms with experience in Environmental and Historical Preservation consultations (“Respondents”) that can assist assist MCA with the achievement of the Project’s EHP requirements including but not limited to in relation to the funding grant from NTIA. Respondents should review 1.1.5 Scope of Work of the document linked below to see the full Scope of Services/Products required.

Questions regarding this solicitation or proposal submissions should be emailed to Chris Boniakowski, Broadband Infrastructure Director, at with email subject line: MCA EHP Consultant RFP Response.

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