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State-Led Challenge Process

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Maine's system to determine locations eligible for BEAD funding!

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The State-Led Challenge Process module has 7 units listed below and accessed via the tabs above.

Unit 1 - The State-Led Challenge Process

Unit 2 - Creating the Baseline

Unit 3 - Timeline & Milestones (Challenges, Reviews, Adjudication, and Beyond)

Unit 4 - Challenge Types

Unit 5 - Becoming a Challenger (Roles and Requirements)

Unit 6 - Submitting a Challenge

Unit 7 - Maine Speed Test

When you select a unit using the tabs, the tab will change from dark blue to orange. The orange tab indicates the unit you are currently reading. Right now, the orange tab reads START HERE.


At the bottom of each unit there is a button to return to the top of the page as well as additional resources and links for further reading. 

The units do not need to be read in order, but we do recommend starting with the Overview. To the right are suggested pathways depending on who is using this module.

While this module specifically focuses on the State-Led Challenge Process, you can click here for more information on the BEAD program as a whole.

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