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Job Openings at MCA

The MCA is rapidly scaling into a high-performing, high-impact organization and is looking for team members who are passionate about connecting everyone to the modern digital society and building the foundation for Maine’s future. Check back for new positions.

Database and GIS Administrator

Maine Connectivity Authority is seeking a Database Systems Administrator. MCA’s mapping platform and data collection will help the state make data-driven decisions, prioritize funding for rural, unserved areas, and maximize the impact of federal funds flowing to the state. The Connectivity Headquarters for Analysis Research and Transparency (CHART) facilitates the aggregation, visualization, and convergence of many data and map layers and is the organization's central repository for data, analysis, and decision-making tools to assist MCA and other stakeholders in understanding the available data and competing resource needs facing our state. The data behind CHART will allow MCA to integrate socio-economic, racial, and health disparity datasets to guide infrastructure and digital equity decisions regarding investments, partnerships, and program priorities. Practical applications of this data include future program design, geospatial analysis, and modeling, developing evaluation formulas for competitive programs, and managing post-award compliance and reporting, community planning, and public communication of impact.

Broadband Infrastructure Project Manager

Maine Connectivity Authority is seeking a Broadband Infrastructure Project Manager. The Broadband Infrastructure Project Manager reports to the Broadband Infrastructure Director supporting all infrastructure related processes, including subject matter input into program design, infrastructure construction project management, and grant portfolio technical-related compliance and reporting support for MCA’s team of Infrastructure Grant Managers. The Broadband Infrastructure Project Manager will support MCA’s grants management team by providing subject matter expertise and MCA’s internal infrastructure construction projects by engaging with and managing 3rd party contractors.

Infrastructure Grant Manager

Maine Connectivity Authority is seeking an Infrastructure Grant Manager.  This position is responsible for creating, adapting, managing, and coordinating the development of specific grants and will work on a team to oversee grant management with a focus on reporting and compliance, project coordination and communication.

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