About the MCA

High-speed Broadband for Maine

Established in 2021, the Maine Connectivity Authority (MCA) is a quasi-governmental
agency charged with achieving the universal access of affordable high-speed broadband
in Maine.


Led by diverse staff and board appointed by The Governor, the MCA will work to ensure
three goals: That effective, accessible connectivity be universally available in the state;
that there be secure, affordable, reliable, competitive, sustainable and forward-looking infrastructure that can meet future needs; and that all residents, businesses and institutions in Maine be able to take full advantage of the economic, health, educational
and other opportunities available through connectivity services.


Focusing on projects, places and people, the MCA is advancing digital equity for all Mainers.

Andrew Butcher, President 


Maggie Drummon-Bahl, Strategic Partnership Director



David Wedick, Chief Financial Officer


Ben Dinovelli, Advisor


Colby Fortier-Brown, Broadband Liaison - MaineDOT



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MCA Board of Directors

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Carlos Javier Barrionuevo, of Georgetown, who works for Georgetown Broadband LLC and serves on the Georgetown Comprehensive Plan Committee


Daniel P. Belyea, of Vassalboro, who is chief workforce development officer at the Maine Community College System


Fred Brittain*, Ex-Officio, who is chief information officer for the State of Maine


John Chandler, of Falmouth, who is a principal at Portland-based accounting and consulting firm BerryDunn


David Demers*, Ex-Officio, who is chief information officer for the University of Maine


Heather Johnson*, Ex-Officio, who is commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development for the State of Maine


Danielle Louder, of Augusta, who is co-director of Medical Care Development Inc.’s Domestic Public Health Division and Director of the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center


Carlos Mello*, Ex-Officio, who is acting ceo for the Finance Authority of Maine


Michael C. Reed, of Palermo, who is self-employed and has worked to spearhead and coordinate municipal broadband projects


Timothy R Schneider, of Falmouth, who is general counsel for Tilson Technology and previously served as a Maine public advocate


Robert J. Souza, of Durham, who has 46 years of telecommunications experience and recently retired from Otelco Inc.