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All-In Programs & Funding

Maine is ALL IN to get Internet for all!

We can get there from here through the deployment of $150 million from the American Rescue Plan’s Capital Projects Fund and the Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan. Funding through the Maine Connectivity Authority is designed to reach the last mile in the most rural places, connect communities ready to scale their infrastructure, prepare communities for investment, ensure affordable options for everyone, and invest in partnerships to build a modern broadband infrastructure for Maine.

MCA estimates that the All-In Program will bring high-speed broadband to over 30,000 homes and businesses in rural and remote areas. The programming will be grounded in MCA’s parallel work developing a statewide Digital Equity Plan and 5-Year Broadband Action Plan.

Funding Sources
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Program Goals:

  1. Funding for all unconnected locations confirmed by the end of 2024

  2. High speed internet must be affordable for all

  3. Community-driven solutions at a regional scale ensure sustainable investments

  4. Scale and public benefit through public private partnerships 

  5. Consistent and clear processes through data-driven decision making

Program Principles:

  1. Leverage Investments: Work across silos and sectors to correct market failures due to low premise density

  2. Seek Regional Equity: Emphasize geography that enables network approach; Scale for speed of connecting as many as possible

  3. Favor Future-Proof Networks: Enable innovation and new value from public-private partnerships

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