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Digital Equity Asset Inventory

Organization Name
Services Available
AT&T Foundation
Capacity Building
The AT&T Foundation has provided funding to Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG) to provide technology to students participating in JMG programming.
Age Friendly Sullivan
Affordable Broadband, Broadband Access, Digital Literacy
The steering committee for the community has adapted its work to allow for participation by Zoom, as well as ensuring a Bone Builders exercise class for older adults is offered using a hybrid in-person/electronic model for broader participation. A committee member has also been involved in Sullivan’s efforts to expand broadband access to all members of the community, including negotiating with Starlink to erect a satellite internet station which is usable by remote residences that purchase a home unit. Age-Friendly Sullivan also encourages participation in RSU24 Community Education’s NDEC classes and provides information to community members about Lifeline services.
Age-Friendly Georgetown
Digital Literacy
Helps residents take part in National Digital Equity Center trainings and was formerly a host-site for NDEC in-person classes prior to the pandemic. Age-Friendly Georgetown also currently provides training for computer/smartphone use.
Age-Friendly Saco
Affordable Broadband, Device Access
Developed a “handy helper” program which utilizes volunteers to support older adults by providing a tablet computer and connecting them with their municipalities’ low-cost internet program. They also provide older residents with Echo Dots (smart devices) that can be used as personal assistants.
Aroostook Area Agency on Aging
Device Access, Tech Support, Digital Literacy
Utilizes volunteer “Friendly Techies” to help with electronic device set-up, sending emails, and using services through Zoom. The program has iPads that are available to loan to consumers to access AAA services remotely. Friendly Techies provide support to the iPad users.
Aroostook County Action Program
Affordable Broadband
Educates its consumers about the availability of the Affordable Connectivity Program and assists with applications.
Associates for Training and Development
Digital Literacy
Associates for Training and Development offers Maine’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), a job training program for older adults authorized through the Older Americans Act. The organization offers The Learn IT 2 Work program, which provides computer skills training topics ranging from understanding computer hardware, to web browsing, and email. Learn IT 2 Work is delivered over the course of 20 hours in four to five days. The service is not free and has a $750 tuition requirement.
Augusta Housing Authority
Affordable Broadband, Device Access
Refers individuals to the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program and helps them apply. Laptop computers are provided in common areas.
Bangor Public Library
Broadband Access, Device Access, Digital Literacy
Bangor Public Library provides broadband access and public computing resources in the form of 24 Windows computers that can be booked in 90-minute intervals per day. Specialized research computers are also available to patrons. Weekly trainings are offered to individuals on digital literacy topics.
Bangor Savings Bank Foundation
Capacity Building
The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation has provided funding for digital equity projects, including devices, hotspots, and connectivity for students to learn remotely during the pandemic.
Bath Housing Authority
Broadband AccessTech Support
Bath Housing Authority offers internet through all community rooms in housing it maintains and works to share low cost or free options for internet. Bath has also partnered with a local library to address residents' technology needs. The resident coordinators were able to bring a librarian on-site to assist with technology issues. The librarian could also assist with applying for low-cost internet services or free cell phones, help people set up tablets, and similar activities. Although no longer operating due to a staff departure at the library, this was an innovative partnership to facilitate digital equity and inclusion for residents.
Betterment Fund
Capacity Building
The Betterment Fund has supported broadband assessment, planning, and implementation efforts in rural Maine.
Biddeford Housing
Broadband Access, Device Access, Tech Support, Digital Literacy
Free Wi-Fi internet access and desktop computers are provided in common areas. Residents are referred to community resources for technical support and digital skills.
Boothbay Region Adult & Community Education
Digital Literacy
Provides device access (desktops, laptops, peripherals, and other office devices). Digital skills training offered includes computer and hardware basics, video calls, internet browsing, operating system basics, social media, and technical certifications. Curricula includes Northstar and BoomerTech Adventures.
Brewer Housing Authority
Affordable Broadband, Broadband Access, Device Access, Tech Support
Refers individuals to the FCC Affordable Connectivity Program and assists with completing the application. Free internet access is provided to residents in their apartments/homes and desktops and Wi-Fi are available in common areas. Staff members are available to help residents with technical issues and learning how to use devices.
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