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ACP4ME Toolkit

The ACP4ME campaign is Maine Connectivity Authority’s new statewide initiative to increase awareness and enrollment into the ACP. In Maine, 238,717 households are eligible for the ACP, yet only 97,186 (41% of those eligible) have enrolled (as of January 22, 2024).

In partnership with Education SuperHighway, a national non-profit working to close the broadband affordability gap, we are building a statewide coalition of local communities and trusted institutions to raise awareness of this critical program through earned and social media. Please use the resources below and leverage your networks to increase awareness of ACP.


For any questions about these tools or how
to use them, please reach out to:

Kiera Reardon

Interagency Broadband Manager | (207) 370-4123


Partners Can Take Action Now!

Without high-speed internet access at home, households can't fully engage in society.  The internet allows students to complete school work outside the classroom, work remotely, or access healthcare, job training, the social safety net, and critical government services. Act now to ensure all eligible Mainers can take advantage of ACP!

1.  Sign on to raise awareness of the ACP by completing 


2.  Check out the ACP4ME Engagement Toolkit below and spread the word! 

3.   Use the #ACP4ME hashtag, tag @MaineConnectivity/@MEConnectivity, and tag @EducationSuperhighway in your social media posts.                              

ACP Promotional Flier 

ACP Flier

ACP Promotional Flier
(Tribal Communities)

ACP Flier

ACP Enrollment Checklist Handout

ACP Flier

ACP Enrollment & Eligibility FAQs

ACP Flier

Enrollment Training Webinar Recording

ACP Enrollment Training

Enrollment Training Webinar Slides

ACP Enrollment Training

ACP Promotion
Social Media Content

ACP Flier

ACP Zoom Background

ACP Zoom Background

ACP Full Enrollment Guide

ACP Enrollment Guide

LearnACP Training Course

LearnACP Course

ACP Enrollment Performance Tool from the Benton Institute

ACP Enrollment Performance Tool
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